Piano With Josh

Have you ever listened to a song and thought, "I wish I could learn how to play that?"
Did you take piano lessons when you were younger but never learned the songs you liked?
Or maybe you're an accomplished musician looking to learn a new style or genre.

That's how I felt. After nearly a decade of classical and jazz piano lessons, I still felt unfulfilled. Why couldn't I be like my guitarist friends and play along to the songs on the radio? Why was I learning a Chopin piece when all I wanted to do was play rock and pop songs? Playing music that speaks to us gives us inspiration. We feel motivated to develop solid technique and aural skills in order to bring these songs to life. Remember the last time a song gave you chills? What if you can create that feeling for yourself?

This is what Piano with Josh is about. Learn the music you want to learn, learn it well, and watch yourself improve. It's as simple as that. I am here as a resource for you, to keep you motivated, to provide resources, and to get you where you want to go.

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Tom W.

"I found his own musical talent to be extremely inspiring and even attended some of his concerts. His skill and dedication to music definitely helps him in being the effective teacher that he is.

The environment of his lessons is relaxed and comfortable and he was always available to contact and willing to help if I had questions between lessons. If you're looking for a piano teacher, look no further. Josh is the best"

Austin M.

"You meet someone with extreme talent. Maybe its natural, maybe its through thousands of hours of practice and dedication. With Josh, its both. This man knows what he is talking about, from the basics of how to properly place your hands on the piano, to the advanced music theory that makes everything work, he knows his stuff. My only regret is being a broke 20 something because the 8 weeks we worked together I went from novice, with almost no musical history, to someone who has the tools and confidence to continue my musical education on my own.

Id like to thank Josh for his time and patience, it really helped out, so much so that my family took notice of my interest and bought me two books full of sheet music for Christmas! If you don't feel like reading all that above jazz then just read this:

Yosef G.

"I've taken piano lessons with Josh for over a year, and it's the most fun I've had learning an instrument. He's a great teacher, and can teach theory while still keeping the lessons fun and applicable. He's fun to be around, and I would highly recommend Josh as a teacher if you're looking to learn piano while having a good time!"

Ired R.

"I've been taking lessons with josh for 2 months. His relaxed style and flexibility create such a welcoming environment that I forget my usual self-conciousness. He's attentive and focuses on what his student's interests and needs are, which, as an adult learner, is far more useful for getting all the new information it to stick than the rigidity of yore."